Yoga – FAQs


1. What should I wear when doing yoga?
You should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing.  Anything that allows you to move, bend and stretch easily will be perfect.

2.  Should I eat before doing yoga?
You should try to eat 2-3 hours before you practice.  If that’s not possible, take a light juice/protein shake or fruit before.

3.  What should I be feeling during yoga?
You should try to analyze the difference between “good pain” and “bad pain”. You should never experience heat at the attachments of the muscles or a sense of instability in the joints, especially the low back and shoulders. You should never feel twisting in the knee joint.  You should be able to continue to breathe slowly and focus on your breath through every exercise.

4.  How should I breathe when in my yoga poses?
Breathe in and out through the nose the entire time.

5.  Can I drink water while doing yoga?
I think it is fine to drink as needed, but your belly might start to feel bloated, so I recommend hydrating before and after your sessions.

6.  When is the best time to practice yoga?
Every hour in the day has a different energetic sensation.  Sunrise and sunset are said to be auspicious times of the days.  I have found that morning practitioners tend to be more regular and consistent with their practice.  However, find a time that works for you.  The Yoga is fun and relaxing so don’t burden yourself with a “must” time to practice.

7.  Can I practice yoga exercises outside?
Direct sunlight while practicing is said to be ill-advised.  However, if you have a shaded space outside, yoga can be practiced outdoors and is a wonderful experience.

8.  Should it be hot or cold in the room that I practice yoga?
A comfortable temperature in the room is optimum.  The philosophy is to turn up the internal heat, rather than the external heat.  People come to rely on the outer temperature and they stop self-regulating.  Find a comfortable room temperature to practice yoga.